Thursday, December 1, 2011

Looking Dapper

Well it's officially that time of the year when it is almost impossible to leave home without a scarf. In fact I had one wrapped half way around my face this morning as I endured the cold on Braden's motorbike to school.
Source: . I am loving the scarf on the right.

Source: . Scarves come in so many different shapes, colors and patterns, one could lose yourself.

I generally love wearing scarves, I wear it all year round not as frequently in summer or late spring of course. I don't quite know how to describe what wearing a scarf is like for me, but I do know that it makes my  outfit feel complete. It is just such a great accessory, it's elegant and I guess I am just so in love with the Parisian element of it. Most of all it makes you look so dapper.
Source: Quote : If he won't take you to Paris, I will (Lincoln Schoffield, Prison Break)

I have quite a few scarves here with me, couldn't bring them all along, but they are not that expensive over here, that reminds me a couple of weeks ago when I spoke to my mom, she asked me if I brought over some of her scarves, needless to say I did and she knew it was me. She has a chest drawers (4) of them and she still misses a few, how is it even possible. My favorite of course for this season are the animal printed ones.

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Source:  Social Fashion Updates.
On my wish list there is only one more kind that I would like to own and that is a (faux) fur scarf. I found this great video on YouTube: 25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 minutes by Wendy Nguyen from I hope you enjoy her video as much as I did.

Have a great weekend darlings!


  1. I LOVE scarves! My favs are the animal prints and the dots... I have quite a few scarves already, and I probably will buy more...It's insane!-Jessica