Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tis the Season

Yip, tis the season... This month I have had to teach a lot about Christmas, and I see how excited my 6 year old students get every day, we even have an advent calendar counting down the days, and it just makes me happy to see their chirpy faces every day as we get closer and closer to Christmas day. They are anxiously awaiting Santa Clause. Today a technician came to service the air conditioner and one of the students looked up and said : "Ah, for Santa" thinking Santa will be coming through the air conditioner. Anyway so we talked about what everyone wanted for Christmas, and they turned to me, and this is how the dialogue went:
Steve: What do you want for Christmas?
Me: Contentment for all, me, family and friends and you and you and you and eeeeeveryone.
Students: What is that?
So I explained it to them and one student, Amy, turns to me, laughs and says : "No, what do you really want?"
This is what I would like to wake up to:

Source: Dani McCreery for Kalannie Community Telecentre
I would like to wake up to  100 % contentment, to be happy with what I have and where I am in my life, to wake up to a day where not only I but my family and friends too will just be jumping for joy. For those seeking love, I wish for them a great deal of it, for those who are sick, a fast recovery to a path of good health, for those who have dreams (don't we all) let your life be the same way you have dreamt of it to be, those who are faced with obstacles, let your obstacles vanish in a friction of a second. Those are only a few, I could go on and on but generally I'm just wishing for a life filled with smiles and happiness. And if all of these things aren't possible my wish again for all is 100% contentment, or just for that moment to jump with joy!

Of course like any or most human beings I lust after material things too, I'll be kidding if I didn't say that I would also like to see a Chanel 2.5 peeping out of my Christmas stocking.... I'm only human and that's my saving grace!

Faux Fur Vest & Hermes Birkin
 I've been going on and on about how I want a fur vest. A Hermes bag, a girl can only dream.
Oh, Lola! Marc Jacobs & MAC Lipstick: Color: Morange
 I recently tested this perfume, and I liked it a lot.  Also tested this Mac Lipstick in Morange last week and it is just to die for. Now this I think is something that I can get for myself, more in my financial league.
Chanel Necklace. Christian Louboutin Lisee Side  Dip Suede Booties
Red felt floppy hat & flat peak cap
Felt floppy hat and a black flat peak cap for that swagger ;) I have been searching everywhere a felt floppy hat, and I'll be lucky to find a flat peak cap that will fit my undersized head (funsized) hehehe.
Wonder Woman Reebok Freestyle.
                       How cool are these kicks? Fell in love the first time I laid eyes on them.
TOMS Gold glitter
These gold glittered Toms are great and the fabulous thing about these shoes are that for every pair you purchase TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. Read more here

What are you hoping to find in your stocking on Christmas morning?
Outfit posting to follow soon


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  2. loves all the blue...and those kicks are pretty amazeballs!

  3. Those reeboks are DOPEEEE! Where did you find them? You have to buy them!

  4. HI:=)
    great stuff,specially the Christian Louboutin Lisee Side Dip Suede Booties.

  5. These wishes are good for the new year too!!

  6. Got the leopard fur vest finally (a while ago)....And I am inspired by the bag and really want the perfume! -Jessica