Friday, March 23, 2012

" Steels "

Loving the Leopard Print Ladies....Sold,sold,sold!
Spike Studded Heel Pumps… do you find them scary or sassy?
Being the shoe fanatic that I am, I know that I will probably own a pair or two, the pair that I will wear and the pair that I would’ve bought impulsively.  I would definitely step out in a more understated pair as worn by Brittany Snow. They are just the right amount of rocker chic.


This pair by Christian Louboutin is rather fetching too. I would definitely step out in these.

Now these are the  ones that I find a little over the top, very "Avant Garde/Lady Gaga" if you will, but I doubt that I will step out in them, the creepy nails on the toe of the shoe, actually frightens me a bit. Without the spikes up top, in retrospect, I guess I would probably rock it, if I owned it.

Well darlings, the weekend has started. Tomorrow I am off to the Cape Town Carnival, to view Cape Town in all it’s splendor. What are you up to this weekend, and what do you think of “Steels?”


  1. Some of these are cool, and some are not for the faint hearted, hey!Louboutins are cute, and I like the little bit of stud on the yellow ones!

  2. Dai spike skoene is mos daar by daai winkeltjie om die draai by Earl se flat ne