Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My friends,my sanctuary....

On the train to Seoul, I'm wearing my leopard headband as an arm accessory. To others it may be a little over the top, perhaps too big...For me it was perfect! I love big bows, and I wore it around my arm because I can!
Love me some bling! Never thought I'd say this in a million years, but yeah, MY ROOTS ARE SHOWING!

Don't you just love Chesna's top? Its fabulishous! I love the gaping around the arms! Very sexy, she paired it with some skinny jeans and voila, sexy yet sophisticated! p.s She got it on her trip to Italy...
Jacques, after last weeks post we can truly see who loves GUESS! I do too! And it's in my favorite color! Definitely something I would choose for a guy. Also notice the black plaited leather string I'm wearing around my neck, it's a belt that belongs to a shirtdress of mine..

Stephanie and John, I love Stephanie in this cap, hat if you will, the color on her lips go very well with the cap/hat....the green looks great on her, I really think that she would be able to pull of this kind of look to a club.

Christopher Forrest McDowel said : " Sanctuary on a personal level, is where we perform the job of taking care of the soul! And I consider these gals and guys just that, my sanity and savior(s).  A "place" where I can just be and relax... Living abroad can really take it's toll on one, especially when you reach the phase where you miss home, family and friends! They make me feel so close to home, in fact in Korea they are my home away from home! Anyhooze I'm not gonna get all soppy!...;)...but I am gonna mention what a great weekend we had, braaing, chatting, dancing, and just having plain South African fun! I realized once again that there is no company like South African company!

Wearing: Black bubble tube dress: Online www.gmarket.com..a whopping low $10.10 cents! Leopard print headband : Mr Price $2.36 cents! Gold leaf necklace : Accessorize (Daegu)-Gift from Chesna, Bronze Feathered Necklace: Compliments of my sister. Black Stockings: Polyart Hanam: $4. Shoes: Heeltown: $14... Tan Clutch: Vintage, compliments of my mothers younger days! Yip dressed for almost under $30!!! My foundation costs more!

Ok dahlins I'm off to bed, have a great week! xoxo

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