Thursday, June 2, 2011

Night Lights

Seoul is so beautiful at night

I've never owned shoes in this color....they actually look like real ballet pumps

Funny thing is when they did a weight assessment at the gym, the instructor commented that I was a bit "hippy" and that we should work on that, hahaha, I said "nah, I'm African and they're here to stay, needless to say I'm more than happy being curvy"
These were the pictures that made me notice that I have gained some weight. This was after a lovely eve spent with my sis in Seoul, after seeing these pictures I immediately joined the gym again...just to shed the few kg's that I've gained since coming to Korea... and guess what I have been working out again, not as religiously as I should, but might I add that I've covered 76km by cycling and jogging since joining! Don't get me wrong I'm not a weight loss freak, just want my clothes to fit comfortably again... Anyhooze i'm off to bed...Have a great weekend....xoxox

Jeans: Red Mr Price : $16, Leather jacket:Online $64,Shirt H&M :$19, Mint Green Pumps: Jamsil Underground Mall : $13 Floral Pashmina: Myeongdeong Street Market: $9


  1. ek kan al dai vi jou gese het na jou eeste post...nou loep en betaal j iemand om dit vi jou te se...grapje...

  2. update so bietjie die storie, wat gan dan an???