Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dreaming of Leopard Cubs....

Dreaming of Leopard Cubs

How cute are they?

Pieces of me... ;)
Head band : Mr Price $2, Black long sleeved boatneck T : Free with a dress I bought online, Pleated pants $6 on sale at Foschini, Tan Belt : came with my denim shirt, Red Porcelain and Metal Bangles, Bangkok at $3 each, Purse : Beijing, I can't remember how much I paid for it, Dan my GBF bargained for it, Shoes by GUESS, it was a gift.
Haven't worn these in forever, I forgot how steep they are.
Just got back from seeing Chesna off at the bus stop... I cannot put in words just how much I love leopard print. I love it to INFINITY and BEYOND! wish I could have leopard cubs as pets.... check out this video(below) of how to apply leopard print eyeshadow, don't think I have the confidence to wear eye shadow like that just yet ;) Anyhooze dahlins my Sunday afternoon relaxation and eye mask awaits! Have a fabulous week!

p.s My apartment is just above the coffee shop behind me.
p.s.s See second last picture for what I'm wearing and its costs ;)