Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grey skies with a dash of Pink

J'adore this necklace.
Bought this dress a couple of days ago for only $5,the photo doesn't do it any justice though...p.s ignore the face, was after 9 hours of working....

Bought these Boots at the Pick 'n Pay Clothing store :)

Working with little people is EXHAUSTING and JOYOUS but mostly EXHAUSTING and it takes it's toll on your clothes #buy$5dresses...I'm so happy that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!anyhooz darls just a quick post before I'm off to la-la land....
Imagine: If the sun shone PINK on cloudy day, candy floss pink...#yum

Skinny Leather Pants


  1. Love the bling!Especially the necklace ;)!

  2. hehehe, kahamsamnida! stephie kan jy glo ek het in 6 dae nog nie jeans aangehad nie...