Sunday, April 10, 2011

Forever young....

Foot Mask, Anti Stress Mineral water, Diamond Cutting Toner, Emulsion, Collagen masks, Black Pearl Bubble Mask

After these babies ones hands really feels like a babies bottom. :)))

For Dark Circles (Like mine)

Chesna got the Ruby colored gals as well as the black square pair, the rest i got for myself, all of those earring for only $5

So yesterday Chesna and I went to Myeongdong in search of a wedding ensemble for herself. We couldn't find anything as the weather wouldn't permit her to wear any of the fabulous spring finds... :(, nonetheless I helped her put together a fab outfit with what she already has in her closet. Just saw her on skype and she looks stunning.  So after failing to find a weather permitting ensemble we ventured into the streets of Myeongdong... and instead of buying clothes (due to a lack of $$$, don't you just hate money?!) we opted for something more inexpensive i.e beauty products.

So in Korea one can basically find anything to "preserve your youth" and when I say anything, I'm talking about anything from a foot mask to hand masks. The girl at "The Saem" beauty store convinced Chesna to buy the Gem Miracle 02 Bubble Mask, and she did. Well we put it to the test last night, I tried to make a video #epic fail...well anyway so when you apply the mask it's in the form of a gel and when it makes contact with the skin it starts to bubble (foam), Chesna laughed herself silly as the bubbles makes ones face twice it's original size and it tickles a lot as it bubbles up. Anyway back to the point, so it's supposed to detox your skin and is apparently great for pimples. I must say that after using it, our skins did feel quite revitalized. Let's see how it works out in the long run.

I also got these eye masks for dark circles something that I usually struggle with (Thank God for concealer)...I've yet to use them...will try it out later when I watch an episode of Private Practice.

Shopping for beauty products in Korea is so much fun as you always leave the store with what they call "service" i.e testers... We ended up coming home with bags full of goodies, without having to take out second mortgages from our non existing houses :) We actually got more "service" than the products that we actually bought. Now that is what I call a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget...or a Chanel lifestyle on a Levi's budget if you will....

Then we stumbled upon a stall full of earrings, now what attracted us were not the earrings per se, but the price sign... w1000, ($1)... we went over and found these cool earrings, kinda looks like the clip ons moms used to wear back in the day, quite retro and chic...

Memory : (as a little princess)watching mom put on the second last accessory, a pair of clip on earrings before spritzing on Opium by Yves Saint Laurent...#sweetmemory

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  1. aaah, the earings are beauutifooool!!I definitely need that collagen eye pack:P