Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall....

 these are few of my favorite shoes and accessories of all....
Left: Leopardish print with red heels (Guess) Centre: "Wonder woman" heels (Heeltown) Right: Blue Satin Bow heels (Heeltown)

I got these blue satin killer heels last year in February and I have NEVER worn them, how sad... I actually miss them, I left them back home hopefully my sister will bring them along on her visit... They are my pick me up shoes..

I luuurve the gals in the middle in fact I love all my galies, my bff stephie from phatsion playground http://phatsionplayground.blogspot.com/says : "they look like superhero shoes, she wants to borrow them when she dresses up as wonderwoman...lol 

The pair right at the bottom was a gift from Chesna for my birthday, I literally jumped on her when she gave me these galies! J'adore them! Go-ma-woa chessy...

All my heels are 11 cm's and higher, makes me look a whopping 1,75m tall...:p

Clutch : Vintage, Emerald Green Heels (Heeltown), Neck Piece (Honey Jewelry, South Africa) Porcelain metal bangles (South Korea) Gold hoop earrings (Thailand) Rose ring (China mall, Johannesburg) Ivory ring (Mom's)
I shouldn't have taken this photo in black and white...grrrr...those galies there are  suede, in emerald green,  paired with  a tan vintage clutch that I got from Mom.

This is the color of the galies above

Cocktail Rings

So I've mentioned before that I am a cocktail ring fanatic! Well here are a few of my favorite ones, the one that draws the most attention is the Butterfly.... The red shell one I picked up walking along the beach. The turquoise one I got from my sister, she thinks she might have found it in a lucky packet...hehehe

Gold leaf chain (Accessorize) Wooden Necklace (Thailand)

Silver neck piece (Milady's)
A few of my favorite neck pieces.... gosh i'm thinking to myself, what don't I like??? The accessories have all been displayed on a vintage fur shawl that I got from my late grandmother... anyhoo dahlins...i'm off to bed.... xoxo


  1. Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes,
    A cocktail ring that gives me hot flashes,
    Multicolored stilletos, not too much bling,
    These are a few of my favorite things...

  2. Maak net seker daai superhero skoene word aan Stephanie M Pekeur uitgemaak in jou testament!Super love!

  3. hehehe, gersie luuurve dai stukkie! hehehe, het nogal daaraan gedink, ek verander sommer my about me...lol...heheh stephie ek sal so maak, ek sal nie vergeet nie, jy en roze gaan mos dai nadoodse suster drama het oor my skoene lol...