Friday, August 19, 2011

Almost Autumn

Thigh high boots

Kim Kardashian looking great in over the knee boots...

These are called GUESS 'Never' over the Knee Boots,it is balanced on a sky-high heel and hidden platform and the slanted collar can be folded over for a chic cuffed look.

So it's another rainy day here in Gyeonggi Do, it's been the worst summer ever... We got a glimpse of a sunny day yesterday and it only lasted for a couple of hours, needless to say it's pouring outside again. That got me thinking, due to the rain, we missed out on sunny days (we had about 10 since end of June) which made it a nightmare to wear great summer clothes, like summer maxidresses, linen pants, sheer tops etc. I mean you don't want to look as if you entered a wet T-shirt competition on a daily basis :).

Above that it got me thinking, "oooh I wonder what's hot this autumn" well polka dots, lace, fur, you name it! Because I love boots I checked out whether over the knee boots are still in fashion, well whether it was still in or not I would still wear my pair from last year, and I'm in the market for a new pair :)...Yip from ankle to thigh high boots still made the runway. Besides over the knee boots are great for girls like me who's not such a big fan of her knees ;)

I found these great Guess boots online and I really want to get them for winter, they cost about $220.I just can't decide if I should get them in black or dark brown. Anyhooze darls, I'm planning on spending a relaxing weekend at home, getting up to date with the latest trends and maybe heading out to the hair salon for a much needed trim. Have a great weekend!


  1. Even though I'm in Florida, I can't wait til it's cool enough for thigh high boots. Also of course my traveling for work and stuff takes me to cooler cities.

  2. The place where the sun is always shining! awe, I'm such a sucker for sunshine!...Thigh high boots are lovely aren't they? I checked out your blog, fabulous!