Sunday, August 28, 2011

Polka dots

Going for a walk in Chesna's neighborhood in a pleated  deep orange and blue colored polka dot dress.

Accessories = A few bangles and a double fingered ring to match... Whenever I wear this ring someone is bound to ask whether they are brass knuckles! ( I didn't even know what they were until then)Really? If you can't appreciate someone's style, keep quiet and appreciate the variety of fashion...

Blue suede tassel loafers for comfort.

Paul Smith Long Swirl Wallet. That my GBF convinced me to buy about 3 & a half years ago...
How chic is this Chloe ivory silk pleated below the knee dress? At $6840, a girl like myself can only dream.
7 Days of sunshine in Korea, finally! Went to see Chesna in Suwon over the weekend, spent an easy one watching project runway...and going for a nice stroll on a pleasantly sunny afternoon! And again it's the start of a brand new week! Enjoy!

Wearing: Chiffon deep orange and blue polka dot dress bought in Taipei: $8.23,
               Tan woven belt, belongs to a maxi skirt I have,
                Paul Smith Wallet: on sale $ 263, Lotte Department store, duty free
               Blue Suede Tassel loafers : $21


  1. aaaah,loves everything about this outfit!!Especially the shoes and how it goes with the dress!

  2. Love love the outfit!! the shoes are super cute