Thursday, September 1, 2011

Paul's Boutique

Have been looking into buying a bag from Paul's boutique for a while now, here are a few of my favorite ones, I really want the Molly Zebra Print Tote, with the Leopard Print Wallet.

This is the one that I have been looking into buying! Love love love it!
Can you imagine if I whipped out this from the one above! Hello!
Here are a few of my other favorites! Actually love these, if I was at home, I would definitely get one of these for spring... September 1st marks the first day of spring back home, just had a fond memory of how we used to dress up in white when I was younger and take flowers to the old age home. :)
I like this one more than the one above, I was sold on the gold trimming!
The following ones are rather nice too! Don't cha think? More classic I would say.
This one is not very special, but I like it for work, it's practical and I like the rouching on the side giving it that extra flair!

This one is cute, nice for when you don't feel like carry around an oversized bag.
Very Nautical! I like stripes, dots, prints, what don't I like? mmm...:)
 These are only a few of my favorite Pauls Boutique Handbags, and you know what they are not that expensive, you can expect to pay anything from $70 for a wallet and about $150 and up for the handbags. They also have some lovely clothes and accessories, for more merchandise check out their website

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  1. Thank you for your comments! I didn't see this purse post, but I love it. I might have to check the website out. I am following you! - Jessica