Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Comfie Cardie

The time for cardigans have finally arrived, isn't it funny the smaller underwear becomes the bigger , chunkier and longer cardigans become...and this one is still short in comparison to the ones in store now...Got these pumps recently and they look like real ballet pumps and oh sooooo comfortable.

Love this belt, it's a scarf with golden links, it has a bit of a nautical look to it...should have take a better picture of it, but as you know by now I luuurve me some bows.

I have had this cuff bracelet for so long already, I distinctly remember buying it for Rowena's wedding in 2007, have always loved cuffs.
We had a whopping 4 day weekend! It was thanksgiving in Korea, and as per usual I left Hanam City to spend some time with the girls! We had an amazing weekend, though we didn't get up to much, we ate well, drank well and was surrounded by great company!

 It was also the Ethopian new year, and we ended up at bar where it was filled with Ethopians and when the final countdown to the new year came there was a great spirit of Ubuntu! It was so heartwarming!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Hope the rest of your week is filled with all things beautiful!

Wearing: Green Cardigan : Muffin, $9.28, Black Pumps: Jamsil underground Mall, $17.64, Navy Blue belt: Jamsil underground Mall, $14


  1. Hehehehe...hou baie die groen, en die belt bring soort van alles bymekaar.Snap je?!Ja ne, jy het al daai cuff laaaank!

  2. ek like die groen...lyk mooi by die nuwe hair color...hahaaha

  3. LOVE the green cardigan! I've never seen one in that deep hue....Good combination.- Jessica