Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review : Mane N Tail

Mane 'n Tail....

Some gals rave about it, other gals absolutely hate it. My hair is currently at shoulder length and I really want it to grow longer, that’s not quite the problem, because if I give it some time it will, but I am just way too impatient. Not only that my hair is just at an awkward length where it has a will of it’s own, sitting on my shoulders curling toward the heavens!Also my hair is not in the best condition as I've recently colored it and have split ends of which I'm not proud, so I was also looking for something that will revitalize it. Well so then I browsed the net to see if there is anything that will make my hair grow faster and thicker. I stumbled upon Mane N Tail…. So I told the girls about it and because we are in Korea we had to order it from Amazon.com. After about a few weeks it finally arrived.

After ordering it, I read some more reviews and became a little or more skeptical. Some complained that it left behind a great deal of residue on your locks while others said it smelled funky and some even mentioned it drying out your scalp. Finally the product arrived and I could try it out for myself. I can’t really give a full review with regards to growth right now, but watch this space six months later. Right now I would rate this product at 3/5. The shampoo and conditioner works quite well. I have naturally oily hair and have to wash it every second day, but my hair actually lasted for the three days….by the second day I usually have to tie up MY mane or wash it, I washed my hair on Saturday and could still wear my hair down on Monday. So yes it does help with the greasiness even though it moisturizes at the same time. It is quite moisturizing, my hair feels quite soft when shampooing, and usually my hair is screaming for some conditioner after the first shampoo. It doesn’t smell too bad either, it doesn’t exactly smell like peaches and cream but hey, it doesn’t leave a funk!

I also picked up some leave in spray. Now usually I cannot use serum or any other kind of post styling product on my hair because it is so oily. But this stuff worked out quite nicely. You can use it as leave in spray that will leave in no residue and it can be used as a pre-styling spray as well. I have to mention that when applying it, it does smell a little like coconut oil, but the smell disappears after styling, so that’s fine by me. According to the label it: Nourishes and repairs, provides essential protection to help prevent breakage and split ends, it also protects hair strands from heat and chemical styling amongst others.

Now what I was not really happy with was the Mane N Tail Max Gro. Well I can’t really say much about it right now, because when I ordered it online, all I wanted to see was Max Gro! And I was thinking buy buy buy! Now when it arrived and I opened the jar it turned out to be what my hair can’t take, and that is greasy wax,I haven't opened it since. I guess it could work as a styling pomade…It smells a little like Cocoa butter, I’m not quite a fan… I guess I’ll try it out at night when I can rinse it out the following morning, and I’ll let you know how it works out.

I hope that this review was helpful even though I have only been using it for two weeks. Stephanie says that her hair has been feeling thicker and come to think of it, my hair does look like it has a little more volume after washing it. We all bought it, this is how it’s been working for me, I’ll let you know what they think, different strokes for different folks.
Chesna, Stephanie and I.

Happy Tuesday to all of you! I am off to bed!


  1. Jou haarkleur lyk regtig mooi (by jou).XX

  2. alhoewel ek af en toe dink dis moc...dankie myde!

  3. Dankie Steph...die dogter is mos nog bietjie skepties oor die kleur...ek dink sy lyk lovely! Jyt darem mooi tjommies jong Skinny Leather Pants...hahahaha*wink*