Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall Trends

Well it's officially that time of the year! It's Autumn, yet the weather outside begs to differ! It's slowly but surely getting cooler, albeit slower than surely. It will be cooler before we know it. It's time to get the budget in order for the upcoming cooler days....And this is what the runways had to say: (*note these are only a few)

Leather jacket by Ann Demeulemeester

Printed dresses

Printed dresses like these are pretty versatile considering you can wear it all year round, wedges or pumps for summer, both high heels and flats, add some tights, a jacket and boots for winter/autumn.....there are a million ways....

I had chains similar to these when I was a student at Uni and Steph used to call them B.A's chains

Lovely, I definitely need to get some of these!
High heeled loafers
I've actually had my eye on some high heeled loafers, I just couldn't decide whether I should get black/pink/camel! BTW camel color is big this season. Oh and the pair I want has an ankle strap #adorable, I'll be sure to post it when I do buy it.

Military Jackets
Yay it's been making the runway since 2008 and I still have mine! *Note don't get rid of your clothes! Some years they don't make it to the runway again other years they do!
Hey darlins hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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