Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Leopard Sidekicks

Coming from work, waiting for the 2. My face is so shiny...heol!

Love 'em or Loathe 'em, I love 'em

Stephanie from Phatsion Playground sent me these along with some other goodies, as a birthday/christmas/"I MISS YOU A LOT" package

It's already Tuesday night and I cannot wait for the long anticipated weekend, no pun intended, because it is in fact going to be a long weekend. I'm busy doing laundry, not because I have to, but because I feel so guilty for not going to the gym. Thus far it has been such a lazy and busy week for me! This brings me to the outfit I was wearing today,  I looked inside my closet and wondered if I don't have nice pyjamas that looks like daywear that I can wear to work, turns out I don't have any of the sort... :), and it would be way inappropriate for work. So I decided to wear one of my most comfie T-shirts, which is a mens v-neck t-shirt and (boyfriend) jeans, gave myself a look over and thought nothing a pair of banging shoes, a clutch, and a jacket can't do...
How has your week been?

Wearing: Boyfriend Jeans: Mr Price Outlet: $7, Black Jacket: Online : $20, V-Neck T-shirt: DC Clothing Mart : $2, Shoes: Shoeholic: $22, Clutch: Vintage, Compliments of my mom...


  1. whaaaa...ek het vandag presies dieselfde gelyk!Bible!Net met pumps en 'n scarf.LOL, die skoentjies koddig, maar ek hou daarvan!xx

  2. Loove your outfit dear, your shoes are awesome loove them!! And those earrings are really cute, I know it's very precious for you (I'm also living a long distance relationship)!
    Thank you for the comment :)

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  4. Great, chic, easy combination! Love how you paired everything so that the purse stands out! Good choice with the blazer! And like I've been telling everybody, I finally broke down and bought one! It's the staple in every closet....-Jessica