Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Fall Wishlist...

Gold Smoking Slippers

Smoking Slippers
 I really adore these smoking slippers! I think they will look great with some slacks or even jeans and a jacket! It has a very Hugh Hefner feel to it, and it is definitely a step away from the conventional ballet pumps (which I still adore). I would really like to get these in gold. For some reason they look very comfortable.
Chunky Heels

Since buying my chunky leopard heels I am sold on chunky heels! They are just so comfortable, more comfortable than built in platforms. And the ones in this pictures is just darling. I just remembered my first high heels I have ever owned were something similar to these... Way back in the day, when long A-line skirt made it's appearance, I remember they were brown, and I wore them on Eid day, when you would plan your not only one outfit but two outfits for an entire month, I remember wearing it with the A-line skirt the morning and a maxi dress the afternoon with a little neck scarf hehe, I wonder if my stylist a.k.a my mom, remembers that.
Leopard Chiffon Shirt
  J'adore-ing this leopard chiffon shirt, I've wanted it while being back home in South Africa, last year. My mom eventually found one, but it was made of satin fabric and I wasn't convinced that, it's the shirt that I am going to learn to love.  I settled for taking my mom's chiffon leopard scarf instead, which she has had for years! The time when Anleo Boutiques still existed. I am hoping that I will find it in a store somewhere in Seoul. Leopard is big this year! And I am in my element as you can imagine.
Felt floppy hat, made famous by J.Lo

 This hat is definitely something that I am getting for Fall/Winter. It's a change from the fedora hat and also, it's a wide brimmed hat which I can wear during the day any day. It doesn't have to be the J&B met, a wedding, a Church Sunday or a funeral. Also great for those days when you can't hide behind sunglasses :)

Off the shoulder chunky jersey, they are comfortable looks great with leggings, jeans or even a shorts/miniskirt with tights. I am sold on this too.

Loving this cropped chunky knit! Reminds me of growing up in the 90's. Salt 'n know

I have to have them!
Ankle booties are great, they look chic, they are easy to wear and these leopard printed pair are just a  fabulous statement!

Jacket with shoulder embellishment
The element that stood about this jacket is the embellishment on the shoulder. This jacket has no lapel, is well tailored and just adds the perfect twist. A plain T or tank under and you are set to go. I just love it, it has edge... It changes up your closet, so you don't have jackets with lapels in every color.
I am still looking for the perfect pleated maxi skirt, I have yet to find one. Not everyone might like this look but I would consider pairing the maxi skirt with the cropped jersey and chunky heels, with a tank top under the jersey of course :)
Preppy Cape Jacket. Last on this entry but most definitely not last on my wishlist. You show me a girl who can only think of 5 things she wants right now, and I am only talking about the closet.It's so elegant and for some bizarre reason it reminds me of American editor of large at Vogue Andre Leon Tally(love to love him), oh I just remembered I see him wearing one almost all the time, and according to sources on the www,  it is his version of an ultra slimming LBD
There are just so many things that I want for  fall and winter , these are just a few that I want for today and that I can hopefully afford after payday:) What do you want to wear this fall?

                      Have a great weekend xoxo



  1. loving, loving loving this entry...especially the chunky heels...xoxo

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    kisses from South Africa

  3. why thank you qhule....followed you even before you asked...;)

  4. the first picture shoes are hilarious!!!
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  5. I want that cape jacket as well....-Jessica

  6. ahh i think loafers are too fabulous to be true! and so comfy, they work with pretty much everything!

  7. ahhhh I super want the leopard, studded, and the sequin slippers!