Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goodbye Sheer...

 The time to pack away sheer clothing has finally arrived! This is the last post of me in a summer outfit if you will, was still wearing this in autumn, summer in Korea was terrible, the monsoon lasted throughout the whole summer, it was practically raining everyday, this week the temperatures dropped quite a lot, you can't just throw over a jacket anymore. One really has to snuggle up. This photo wasn't taken too long ago at all. I am happy as long as it's not raining and we have seen more sunny days than we have in summer.
Bought this dress for only $4, 89, I kid you not, for all the detail and fabric I would say it's a steal, wouldn't you?

The colors of the dress are actually coral and white stripes with black pleated satin bottom, the pleats kind of look like liquorice.

Love these earrings they remind me of footloose dance floors :)

Any plans for Halloween? I am quite excited to see what the people are going to come up with... I found the perfect pair of ankle booties for my costume...what are you wearing?Until next time....Have a great weekend!
Wearing: Sheer and pleated dress: Loola: $4.89 (Gotta love summer sales)


  1. aaah,love die rok.Veral die pleats!

  2. Ek wil ook sommer een he!! jy lyk beautiful!

  3. love your outfit! thank you for your lovely comment..i would love if it we could follow each other, let me know and i will follow back :)


  4. love your top ! its so cute :)
    amazing post, and really great blog :)
    What do you think, of following each other ?

  5. Such a super cute outfit! Love that skirt!

  6. The micro pleated skirt is awesome!! Looks fantastic on you and love it with the bold red and white stripes!!

  7. That dress is awesome! There's nothing better than when you find amazing piece of clothes for small money! You look amazing and gave it glam! Great job!