Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LBD by Day

Despite it being Autumn and all, we are still experiencing pleasant weather every now and then as we move onto winter.

A plain dress in any color is pretty much like a canvas, you can accessorize it with aaaanything.

I was in the shower earlier thinking about all my physical insecurities (don't know if that is actually a term)...blame it on the big mirror right in front of my shower. Weekend after weekend I complain to the girls about my derierre you name it the whole happy lot, and I too have to listen to them moaning and groaning about what they think are there "shortcomings", in the end we moan and groan about it together. Talk about a moanfest...It is comforting knowing you are not alone....Some people may say that people are just fishing for attention and compliments but these insecurities are real and it's a damned shame that the world has shaped some of us into feeling this way.

Funny how one person thinks something about themselves are horrible, while you on the other hand think it's fabulous! So is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? That's a topic for a different day. Anyway so while in the shower it got me thinking, I am just too old for these kind of insecurities. Am I going to instill this in cousins, nieces, friends, sister, and God willingly one day when I have 7 beautiful daughters, No! I should be advocating acceptance! I need to start with myself! In fact I started today, by just wearing my hair in it's natural state! Guess what everyone at work loved it, you can't see it in these pics though. However you can see my knees.. :) (These pics were taken a couple of days ago)

We always fear what and how other folks perceive us...but if your girlfriend says she thinks "it" is  fabulous, I think she is right!  Confidence is after all the greatest accessory that one can wear! Face your fears. You become more by facing them. Say it....I become more  by facing my fears. Find beauty in your flaws, truth as better than perfection as Kimora would say. Anyway I'm off to bed and got a whole lot of thoughts going through my mind, I just lose myself when I start writing...

Happy humpday to all of you!

Wearing: Black Dress, Aesinman, Jamsil underground : $ 9, Earrings: Kitten Princess, $0.98, the rest you have seen before.


  1. I love the cut of the dress! And those shoes are super gorgeous :D xx

  2. you look effortlessly fabulous with that LBD! :)

  3. great outfit!! looking for a dress just like this, nice blog-im following!!!

    thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, please follow back if you wish :)

    steph xo

  4. Great style and lovely photos!
    Your shoes are fabulous!


  5. I like Your blog very much! I think I'll follow you !! Big hugh from Italy! ;)
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  6. I love these pictures! You look absolutely stunning ;)
    Would you like to follow each other? Only if you like my blog of course! Let me know on my blog if you do ;)


  7. LBD will be a must forever! Great outfit, I love your heels!

  8. Hi love, thank you so much for your comment!! I love them shoes, are they comfortable? I think I've seen a pair of the same shoes over the internet but I can't decide if I wanna buy them or not cause I don't know if they are nice to walk in :p

    xx love from London

  9. Wow! Great blog and photos! I love it :)

  10. The LBD is the perfect Dress for all the women!

    I follow you.

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  11. I always tell myself "Who cares what about people think?" By the way, love those shoes!- Jessica

  12. stunning, this one en die stripe een. stunning...

  13. all i can say is cute cute cute! classic girl! i love it

  14. I like what you wrote, people need to be more confident about themselves! Love that dress and shoes :)