Monday, October 3, 2011

She's so lucky...

The latest addition to my addiction.

Love 'em or loath 'em, I love 'em

I looooooove shoes *screaming*

Last night I had my weekly skype dose with my bff Stephie, and as per usual we talked about this and that, you know, fashion, men, friends, family, blogging you name the whole happy lot, and then she said something about luck.... and how she felt she is just not lucky in some ways, I think that some people are just at the right place at the right time, it's unfortunate that we all couldn't be there, to catch the gaze of the young fella that possibly turns out to be the love of your life or arrive at the less 70% sale when all the good stuff are still on the shelves.

Then I was lying in bed, tossing, turning and thinking would i rather be lucky or blessed? Is there really a difference? I don't know, everyone has their own opinion about this.  It's unfortunate that some of us, myself included think we are unlucky. Unlucky in love, unlucky in careers, you name the whole happy lot. Then it dawned on me, Stephie is lucky, so is my sister, Chesna, Stephie L, my mom, my family everyone of them, again myself included. For starters I am lucky just to have these great people in my life being at the right place at the right time meeting them, and being born into the same family as my family.

We all have aspects in our lives that make other people think and say "she is so lucky". At the end of the day we are all just blessed with different things and maybe deep down our hearts are longing for what that lucky girl/boy has! And I can bet you right now someone is thinking and saying "you are so lucky". I think, well this is just my opinion we are all lucky to be blessed with what we have even if it is not entirely what we really want. If you think about it, not everyone is lucky to have the blessings you have. So I am just gonna stop thinking about luck and count my blessings. By the way these shoes were the last size 4 in stock....was it luck or just meant to be mine?

This might not make sense to you, I sometimes have a hard time putting my thoughts into words, but just remember that when you're feeling unlucky, that you are lucky to be blessed in ways others are not.

Friends and readers you are lucky in some way or the other.....
Have a great week ;)

Before I forget, got these shoes at a little store close to where I workout, can't remember the name $24


  1., seriously, I think you make a good point. I think the problem is not being content/satisfied/having the patience for whatever it is that we think we want/need.

    Lief die skoentjies though, lyk so uit ander era uit, dis nou maar weer net ek!

  2. Oh my such lovely pumps! btw I totally agree with what u wrote. Humans do get really envious, like myself, I do often get envious on others celebs are so lucky with their lives etc, but the truth is, their lives might not be as perfect as what We've seen. me thinking! :)

    ps: thx so much for ur lovely comment on my post, really appreciate it! I'm following ur amazing blog now! Pls do follow mine too if u haven't already, it'll mean so so much to me :) thx!


  3. i love shoes ... they are nicccee..
    and i agree with you
    those were some encouraging words
    just yesterday i was thinking of how lucky i am x

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  5. Love those pumps and colorblocking is in this season....Everyone has something that they should feel lucky for. ;) -Jessica

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog ~

    As for luck. I always believe everything happens for a reason. and even the bad happens because it will lead to something good. it's the ying and the yang.

    Best of luck ;)

  7. Oh hunni these shoes are FAB! How can anyone loathe them? HAUTE!

  8. I'm so in love with your blogging-style dear, really unique and lovely post :))

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  9. Beautiful!

  10. What beautiful thoughts. I love those shoes too, so androgynous-ly amazing :)

  11. These pumps are very Coco Chanel! Absolutely adore them! xoxo

  12. What a beautiful shoes!!! I´m breathless!

  13. hot shoes! I love your blog, you have such great style!