Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Glimpse of North Korea

 08:00 a.m Saturday the girls and I ventured into getting a glimpse of North Korea, we went to the DeMilitarised Zone, a strip of land that serves as a buffer between the only divided country in the world. The border is the most heavily armed and guarded in the world Nearly two million soldiers patrol both sides of the DMZ. Although the cease fire was signed in 1953, no peace agreement or treaty was signed, and as a result, fighting could conceivably resume at any time. The pictures do not quite depict the trip, there were certain spots where we weren't allowed to take photos.

The DMZ sign just outside the third infiltration tunnel, we weren't allowed to take pictures there...The tunnel was dug by North Koreans, this tunnel was dug as a military invasion route....Here we also watched a documentary about the war, it was quite interesting...#goosebumps

This was taken at Imjingak. This is as far North as we civilians could go by ourselves. Here we also walked the Freedom bridge that was used to exchange prisoner after the war. There is also a peace bell to wish for peace and the unification of the Koreas.
Remember the movie Salt? The movie opens with Angelina being tortured in a prison in North Korea being accused of espionage. Then she was  traded for a North Korean prisoner and escorted to safety by her boss. This is where it all went down.

Unification Wishes (Ribbons)

Unification wishes, mostly written in Korean.

Steph, Chesna and I wishing for unification too... The horrific stories of what Kim Jang Il is doing to his people are just horrific!

If you look behind me you'll see people looking through binoculars, yip that is North Korea. We weren't allowed to take photos behind the yellow line. This is called the Dora Observatory from here you can see the DMZ and of Kesung City, the second largest in North Korea. I'm not gonna lie to you, I didn't know what exactly I was looking at, just saw a long road and greenery, it was quite misty though, as it was raining all day.

This was quite the educational outing...not the every weekend dancing and shopping...mind you there was some shopping, all I'm saying is been there, done that, got the T-shirt... :)

This is not exactly an outfit post, but here is what I am wearing:
Grey Checked Shirt : H&M: $15, Grey cardigan :Jamsil Underground : $10, Snow Leopard Scarf: Gumi Station : $15


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