Sunday, August 14, 2011


My two favorite things combined: the color red and a bow.

These are great for the summer and spring times paired with a nice flowy dress or shorts, Stephanie got something similar in pink accept it doesn't have a sling back...Christian Louboutin creates the most amazing looking poozies.

These are quite nice, they look very comfortable, great for work I would say.

Now I like these, I adore shoes that tie around the ankles, I found them online for only $19, I haven't bought them yet, but I am thinking of it, what do you think?

Spent the weekend in Gyeongju at Stephanie's place and she showed me these fab little patent leather pastel pink wedges she recently bought and they are stunning! I am such a sucker for shoes it's not even funny! I'm pretty sure you can relate, how many of us have bought shoes to only display them in our shoe cupboards and never to be worn...That had me thinking I should try and wear all my shoes that I have brought to Korea at least once before I leave the country...I mean it's ridonculous! I lugged them all the way here not to be worn? I've brought 19 pairs with me and probably only wore about 10 of them...anyway darls we are lucky to have a public holiday today...and I'm spending it relaxing from the window to the wall! Have a fab one!



  1. aaah heart wedges!! Mr Price het die mooistes nou vir die somer, in coral en turquois!!

  2. check it out here... clothes in korea aren't that expensive.. follow my blog for my crazy inexpensive finds...x