Monday, July 18, 2011

Basking in the beauty of Nature

Chesna, Steph and I
We went to the annual Mudfest this weekend. It was worth it in so many ways! We got to meet great people, hang out, have fun and bask in Mud which is apparently great for the skin...I will put it to the test over the next couple of weeks and keep you posted
A festival definitely worth attending!

Child-like adult!

Holy grail of mud????!

What a great weekend, though I had to take a sick day from work today, due to breaking  out in hives....grrrr! Nevertheless after sleeping for about 5 hours I feel a little better... So now let me tell you about the Mudfest and "THE MUD"....The mudfest was fabulous! We ate well, we drank well and were surrounded by great company! I just love it when so many different personalities come together. Let me get back to telling you about the "THE MUD" :

The main function of mud products is to absorb and remove sebum and improve total skin quality through the eruption of minerals. That is, minerals and minute elements contained in mud not only provide nutrients to the skin, but they also strengthen the organization of skin cells and make the skin more elastic. Due to the fact that bentonite and germanium is contained, sagging skin is prevented and skin firmness is maintained. Furthermore, infrared rays are emitted, benefiting health.

As a result, mud gathered at the beaches near Boryeong is not contaminated by foul water and has various mineral components that promote beautiful skin. Heavy metals were not detected after specimen analysis and it has a great effect on preventing skin aging through lubrication and tightening.

In addition, compared to the mud from the Dead Sea in Israel that most of the domestic companies import, Boryeong mud is by no means inferior and it is a product that makes its mark as the sole product made with domestic raw material in the mud-containing cosmetics market.

I gathered this information on

Anyhooze darlings feeling a little woozy again...have a great week! xoxo
Wearing: Bikini: H&M:  $9.42, shorts: a little place down the road from where I live :$4,50

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