Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fish-ionable Fish

How boring would a black and white world be? After visiting The Co-ex Aquarium today I'm super excited to go snorkeling at Lanyu Island this summer...

The "dory" fish, of which I can't remember the real name reminded me of my blue satin peep toes. The black and white butterfly fish reminded me of this boob tube top and also my bikini bottoms that I bought over the weekend...

I love over the top big rings...but I am loving this two fingered ring more these days. I am also a gal that love bangles, but this ring is so stunning that I personally don't think you should spoil it with other accessories. I got one in silver too. Forever 21 really has great accessories...

Accessorizing with only 2 pieces is so unlike me, but I'm liking the less is more look...What do YOU think?

Here is the whole ensemble, skinny harem trousers,  neckpiece, two fingered ring, blue satin peep toes, striped boobtube, vintage suede clutch

For the first time in my life I was inspired by nature...Truly! We went to the Coex Aquarium with our students today It was absolutely stunning and breathtaking! The first couple of fish in the lobby were soooo beautiful. When I first saw the black and white butterfly fish I immediately thought of the scavenger hunt that I went on this weekend. It reminded me of the black and white striped boob tube and bikini bottoms that I got at H&M's big sale over Sunday. Then I moved on to the next tank and there they were, the beautiful blue dory fish...swimming around in the tank without a worry in the world! Some might have thought: "I wish I was that fish, swimming without a care in the world" But it reminded me of my never been worn blue satin peep toes. Some people may think that it's strange that fish reminded me of clothes, but hey that's me. Now if I were a fashion designer I would've probably run home and started sketching some evening gowns...

H&M had a huge sale this weekend. Everything was marked down for 50% or less. Now i felt like I was in paradise, the only problem was right now I have to be a bit of a penny pincher as in three weeks I'll be off to Taiwan for my summer vacation. So paradise was kind of hellish too...if you know what I mean. Anyway I went scavenging for some summer garments, i.e shorts, bikinis etc for the vacation as well as the Mudfest that I am going to this upcoming weekend. So I went scavenging for a few inexpensive items. I found a cute bikini (striped like the fish), this boobtube top, a jumpsuit, a clutch, I just couldn't resist, it was marked down from $40 to only $9 and some other small purchases...The point that I was trying to make is that I found this boobtube for only $2.83....and I love the nautical look for summer!

Anyhoo darlings I'm about to get ready for the's still raining here, it has been for three weeks non stop! I am sooo over monsoon season! Have a great weekend!

Ensemble: Striped boob tube: H&M, $2.83, Chunky gold neckpiece: Forever21, $9, Two fingered ring: Forever21, $6


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