Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whimsically Fierce

This jumpsuit suits her body really well. It's made of a really flowy fabric which hugs her body in all the right places.

Got to love that fierce green polish on her nails...I did her make up with a smoky eye kit that I got from Benefit Sephora, it's from "THE NEW ANNIE COLLECTION" called Scene Queen. I wish you could see it up closer...unlike me smoky eyes look fab on her.

Just us having some fun before a night out on my birthday....notice how the room's got the "girls have been getting done here" look :)
She's whimsical, fierce, witty, affectionate, ambitious, a riot, a fantastic dancer yet such a realist and most importantly my accomplice, comrade, advocate, supporter and companion in Korea. We came to Korea together about three years ago and have been inseparable ever since. We've gone through a lot here in Korea, from heartaches to getting lost in a foreign countries.... We have traveled together, we've cried together but most of all we've been having so much fun together... All the adjectives that I have used above to describe her, well she is the epitome of it all! She supports everything I do, yet she has the ability to stop me from doing things I know I will regret later...I am such a dreamer, she supports it and always listens intently, doesn't matter how bizarre it sounds, :) but she has the ability to quickly bring me back to reality without bursting my bubble...she's great in that way.  She is truly the kind of friend that every gal should have... I don't even know how to describe her, well I guess if I had to choose one character from Lipstick Jungle/Sex and the city/Melrose Place she would have a little dash of them all...And that is why myself and so many other people adore her. Oh here's one, she will turn your bad hair day into a fabulous one without even having touched a strand on your head....There is never a dull moment with this gal! J'adore!

She's wearing: A jumpsuit with a bow printed bodice, $14 from a store in Suwon of which she probably does not know the name. Black peep toe pumps: Underground shopping mall in Masan: $28

Songs remind some people of things, locations too, but clothes they remind me of things and I just remembered she was wearing those pumps when she met my ex boyfriend for the first time...

Anyhooze darlings I'm off to bed....happy humpday xoxo