Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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Just before my birthday I was searching for a dress online and saw this little number, however I was a little skeptical, as I didn't want to end up having a dress that wouldn't fit, or wasn't the right color or even suit my body type. Turns out a friend saw me looking at the dress and ordered it as a birthday lucky am I? :)

What I loved most about this dress was the low cut back and of course the leopard print...I should mention that I almost didn't wear the dress as it is extremely short...but in the end after accessorizing it with the right belt, shoes, hairstyle I finally felt a little more confident. Also I was having a bit of a bad hair day, so I opted for an "updo" if you will. The weather in Korea is so humid at the moment you cannot really afford to go out with freshly washed hair, I didn't want to risk looking like a cave woman all together...hahaha. So I loosely pinned up my hair to still keep it slightly casual.

I accessorized the dress with this genuine black leather belt that I had found in Itaewon for only $8,46, it was marked down from a whopping $93. Can you believe it? John got me blue flowers for my birthday and that is me thanking everyone for celebrating this day with me.

We had a fabulous time! It was a weekend filled with great memories! My friends really do know how to make a gal feel special! They all came out to play and looked faaabulous! I will be doing some features on them soon...I was particularly fond of Chesna's jumpsuit that she was wearing...I'll be sure to update you by the weekend as soon as I get all the details...
I'm at a loss for words here. I cannot begin to describe what a fabulous birthday I had. Birthday messages from all over the world. Dancing all night long!I was truly spoiled...after 27 years I'm genuinely still blessed to have such fabulous sweethearts in my life....Strange though, I couldn't tell someone how old I was, because I felt old in comparison...but then I just realized as I'm writing this entry, it's a beautiful 27 years of unconditional love and blessings...I must add though I've never felt older than 21 until I was asked how old I was on Saturday by a 23 year I'm back to feeling 21 (with 6 years experience) ;)....keep on dancing darlings!!! happy humpday to all of you! xoxo

Wearing: Leopard print dress: The Ruccia: $36, black leather bel $8.46 Itaewon, the rest you know by now...


  1. Child-like adults ;) Lovely dress!


  2. WOW! we really do have the same blog! Your blog is awesome! You're in Seoul too! I bet thats amazing! I have a friend currently over there studying English and he is in love! He said he never wants to come back to the states! xoxo

  3. Thanks lady! love yours too! i'm now a follower! Yip in Seoul and like your friend i'm in love with the place too! I've been here for about 3 years now.