Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pack light and Travel happy...

I guess a bikini is quite essential when going on summer vacation and if you think about it, you can mix and match these two and you'll end up having 2 bikinis with 4 looks! ;)...add a sarong one day, a shorts the other and hey if you are more confident than I am, why not just show off those bottoms with only a tank top. Accessorize with great sunglasses or a hat...There are just so many ways to jazz up two bikinis and en up with more than a few looks. Many ways to kill a cat like my Mom would say.

I'm packing three jumpsuits, though this is not quite something you can mix and match, but here's the positive thing about it, it's an entire outfit (sans accessories) and can be rolled up really small, quite a space saver i would say, and besides they are so cool in especially the very humid weather here in Asia. And you can go from a day of touring to one of those dancing summer nights, by adding just the right accessories.

Now these are the most essential, whether you buy it at your destination or packing it, it is ESSENTIAL!...A hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and conditioner! It may not seem important now, but at the end of the day, when you have reached a certain age, wrinkles and dried out, coarse hair WILL be staring back at you from the mirror, you WILL regret it. I got some SPF 50 sunblock for my face...check out why you need this!

Now I wish I were one of those people that could just take two pairs of shoes on vacation. I am not, so I've decided to bring two pairs of sandals, that can be worn during the day, looks fabulous with a maxi dress/jumpsuit or shorts. And most of all that can look quite nice if you're not packing high heels...I am not! #stillcan'tbelieveit! Also I'm packing my Converse....for comfort as my friend from Phatsion Playground, likes to say. Also given that my GBF is quite the Dora Explorer there will be a lot of walking involved. And Haloooo, what about running through the night markets for some shopping, just in case...I swore I wouldn't.

Basic tank tops and shorts are a must have! With some nice bulky accessories you are set for sundowners as well! I love these striped matelot shorts that I got from F-21.

Flip flops are sooooo comfortable! I love flip flops! They're to me like track pants are to other people! The Brazilian kind like Ipanema's and Havaiana's are beyond comfortable. Perfect for the beach and those days you're just lounging. They are made from rubber, never rub and lasts for ages.... Ipanemas & Havaianas

And of course a lovely summer maxi dress for those beautiful summer nights, who knows you might just run into a summer romance... ;)

It's been pouring down in Korea, there have been floods, it's ridiculous, couldn't sleep at all last night due to thunder storms...uurrgh! Nonetheless, in two days I'll be off to my summer vacation in Taiwan for 7 days...I will see some of my best friends whom I haven't seen in years! I'm so excited! I'll be traveling with my GBF to, Taipei for a night of mayhem,Taidong for some touring, Hsinchu to see my TBF, Lanyu for the cultural experience and some snorkeling and i forgot the other location...;s...So considering that I will be traveling with all my luggage for most part of the trip, I've decided to take my carry on sized suitcase instead of the one that I usually use when traveling abroad. It doesn't hold much, so I've had to make a few adjustments in my attitude towards packing...hahaha! I've yet to pack, but I've thought about what I will be packing, and I think this is a challenge that I can definitely trump. Wish me luck! Will be sure to post a new entry as soon as I return....hopefully all refreshed....gosh you won't understand how much I need this break!Until next week....xoxo

p.s I know a lot of my friends are gonna be super duper proud of me for packing so light, hey it's the Asian way...When in Rome...

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