Monday, March 21, 2011

Featured Friend Premier ;)

So today i'm featuring a friend that I've just met this weekend, Jacques Claude, a charming, confident, fun and easy going gentleman.

In Korea one rarely finds an expat who will go the extra mile to dress up when going out. It always seems as if they (not all) have just thrown on what they could find. I appreciate his sense of fashion. He is not scared to whip on a pair of skinny jeans like most colored guys that I know are. I'm uber excited to see what he comes up with in the future as I've stalked his FB profile a little...and the accessory that I was instantly attracted to was the checked bow tie he was wearing. 

Jacques is wearing :Levi's Premium 519 black Skinny jeans (I think these jeans are fab, just for the mere fact, that they fit nicely just below the waist and have wider belt loops, for that great belt ;) ) from Newcore Outlet, Gangnam Seoul,Number (W)inc brown belt bought from Bupyeong Underground Market, Brown and grey blazer jacket from Bupyeong Underground Market (Quintessential Man Store),Beige Squared shirt from Truworths Man (South Africa),Black Cignal pointy shoes from Markham (South Africa) (you know, not everyone is able to pull off pointy shoes) Until next time xoxo

p.s he says: "The last two items were bought by my Mom as a gift for my first day of work at an Accounting and auditing firm, entering the working class. I only had ripped/torn jeans and All Stars as a student, so the formal look was all new to me."

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  1. Jacques be looking very dapper...two thumbs up!