Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wacky Coloirs...

love leather jackets, in fact i love leather garments in general, want to be  skinny leather pants when i grow up! heheh

got my inspiration for my strikingly orange nails from my bff stephie! she would die for nailpolish! that is how much she loves it, i'm not sure which one she would choose when given the choice between lipgloss and lacquer #shouldaskher
Overslept this morning, so didn't really have time to wash my hair this morning!!!

I am easily attracted to clothing with detail...

Hardly leave the house without an oversized cocktail ring....hehehe, love love love it! anyhoozle im off to lala-land, need to get my sleeping pattern in order....xoxo
jacket, Masan South Korea, bought it in 2008,  satin scarf, Gumi South Korea, ring compliments of my sister...detailed poloneck little boutique in Cape Town, clutch bag, vintage it used to belong to my mom way back in the day...
ta-ta dahlins muah!


  1. Aaaah, your nails be bangin baby!!! And that jacket most probably rock any outfit!xx