Sunday, March 20, 2011

Playing in Leather and Lace with a dash of Suede and a spritz of Dior...yummy!

Went out in Itaewon last night, was faaaabulous fun!Went to a chic bar with cream leather interior (so chic) called Macaroni Market and then headed to Helios for some dancing. Was great to see my K-pop girls, Stephanie and Chesna again, good times! Went out playing in leather and lace. I was particularly fond of the lace fingerless driving gloves that I wore. These gloves oozes of edge, party appeal and most importantly Madge, Karl Lagerfeld and Billy Idol! Both Madge and Billy Idol have worn it throughout their careers! Oddly enough I got some compliments from guys, and here I thought guys wouldn't like an accessory like lace gloves per se.... Usually my style is pretty glam, but these little handwarmers brought out the mini rockstar in me, hehehe ;). Check out the youtube video to see how you can make your own lace fingerless driving gloves. The different colored nails, well I got my inspiration from my friend and colleague Juliana

Wearing: White tank top and cream tiered lace miniskirt from Mr Price. Gold leaf necklace from Accessorize in Daegu, was a  Christmas gift from Chesna in 2009. Lace fingerless gloves from China mall in Johannesburg( my mom got me some red ones too, i've yet to think what I will wear it with).  Dior Addict, bon voyage gift from my favorite guy friend, Gershon. Black Suede vintage clutch compliments of my late grandmother Ena R.Alexander R.I.P Ma! the rest you have all seen before...

Have a great week my fabulous darlings...xoxo
p.s i was gonna name my blog leather and lace....