Friday, March 25, 2011

Working Girl...


the little people i work with #kiss...

Ballerina dresses are so much fun to wear. I truly feel like a princess every time I wear this dress. I especially love to pair it up with my biker boots or jacket to give it that mmmmm........"EDGE". Cinch belts... loooooooove them, it shows off your curves in all the right places. Having wider hips...(rofl) this is such a silhouette saver. Not only that, it just adds the right finishing touch to any outfit....Did you know that i'm a sushi lover too? #dinner...hehe

Wearing: Black ballerina style dress, downtown Gumi. Black belt from another skirt. Blue Cardigan downtown Gumi. Didnt wear any shoes, here in korea we wear indoor slippers :0! hehe. Chunky neckpiece, Honey jewelry South Korea

p.s childishly excited going to the "The Fashion of the Korean Street" at Cafe Bene on Sunday... Have a great weekend darlings!

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  1. In anything in blue work for me,my favourite colour...for now!